Janis Blackbourne

Councillor Janis Blackburne:

Mobile:  07512 218 912

Bus. email:  janis.blackburne@councillors.sefton.gov.uk

My name is Janis Blackburne and I am your local Labour Councillor for Kew. I have lived in Sefton all my life and moved to Kew, Southport, three years ago with my husband, Jim, and I have special interest in education, inclusion and equality.

Recently, I have been hearing directly from concerned residents of Kew about the problems within the local hospital and the effects of government policies on those with disabilities.

My husband and our daughter owe their lives to the treatment they received when sudden illness struck. I have directly experienced how in a time of greatest need, we rely on our doctors and nurses. But never before has the NHS been so threatened on so many fronts. Our NHS is being dismantled!

I retired from teaching in 2014, having spent 18 years in a comprehensive school with challenging and disadvantaged students, followed by working with Special Needs pupils. So I have also seen first hand how children who are disadvantaged have poverty of ambition and how that is now made worse by the crippling student fees and lack of maintenance grants.

I have seen how cut backs in education have disproportionally affected children with Special Needs. Our children are our future and resources from central government need to be made available for schools and children’s centres.

I’ve been a strong supporter of the Kew Playground Campaign and have backed the women organising it all the way. The shocking treatment they have received from their local councillors only strengthens my belief that we need far better representation locally. Not only do the kids of Kew deserve better, we all deserve better.

Kew now needs someone who will listen to and act upon residents’ concerns, not try and manipulate them for their own political gain.

Since retiring I have become a Section Leader for a local Cub Scout Group. I have two grown up children and three grandchildren and I joined the Labour Party to help create a better country for my grandchildren, as well as a more caring community locally.

On 3rd May 2018 Janis became Southport Labour Councillor for Kew Ward.